About me


Hello and welcome to J.Gray Style!

First thing’s first, I love Jesus (: He’s the reason I’m here, my reason for living. He’s done amazing things in my life, and I give all thanks and glory to him.

I’m Jamie and this is my personal style story.


My love for fashion, is HUGE. One of my biggest passions under the sun, and has been ever since I could remember. Throughout the years Iv’e been fortunate enough to have studied fashion illustration, fashion design, clothing construction, and fashion merchandising, all just for the fun of it!

Iv’e learned so much about the world of fashion along the way, but the most valuable lesson I’ve taken with me has been to simply enjoy it. When it comes to style I think it’s so important to just be yourself. Wear what you like, regardless of what’s trending. Be who you are. Embrace what you love, and dress accordingly!

As a wife and busy homeschooling mom of three,  I totally understand the importance of mommy friendly, affordable, and wearable pieces, all while keeping things fun and interesting.

My babies! Jeremiah, Gwendolyn, and Jonny.

Which is where my love for thrift comes into play. I do purchase the occasional retail item, but my vintage lovin heart truly belongs to thrift!


imageGray Style was created to inspire, encourage, and share with other like  minded people…AKA fashion victims LOL. I’ll be sharing post about personal style tips, how to make your wardrobe stretch, mom life, what inspires me, and much more.

But enough about me, I want to hear about you! What’s your passion in life? What inspires you? What are you wearing right now?!

Drop me a line and follow me on instagram @j.graystyle for weekly fashion and style inspo.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

-Jamie xoxo💋