Retro Renia



I can’t possible put into words my love for retro. Retro Cars, furniture, fashion, even cartoons! I simply LOVE it. If I could, I’d do all of my daily housework in June Cleaver’s wardrobe like.. every day. But those dresses don’t come cheap. And I’m all about saving a buck.

So while this look is defiantly inspired by the classic retro fashion of the 50’s that I have always loved, it’s more about my (budget friendly) personal take on the iconic and ultra feminine look of that decade . Adding my own twist on classic elements of this style, like the unexpected burnt orange colored hair bow, and the bold mod hand bag, I can recreate a classic while staying true to my own style!

I made the hair bow myself last minute just for this outfit out of some scrap vintage fabric. The perfect hair accessory for my high retro style bun, which is a clip in btw and super simple to accomplish!


One trend that was huge in the 50’s and has never gone outta style, is the fitted cardigan. It was a must have staple item for fashionable women of that time and still is today! I was so excited to find at my local thrift store for only $6.00! The great deal aside, I really love the vibrant shade of turquoise in this cardigan and the extra big buttons that weren’t typical of 50’s fashion.


These genuine leather Mary Jane’s by borne go so perfectly with my bag. I found them both at thrift stores years apart, but I think they were made for each other! I’m in love with them both. Btw these are probably the most comfortable flats I’ve ever had:)


I like designs like this one that have an unexpected aspect to them, like the denim backing of this adorable high wasted mini dress! Perfect for a petite figure.


I guess I could’ve ironed the back of this dress a little but that’s not really my thing. Lol! I’m thinking of adding some lace trim to the hem of it, YES need to do that!


When recreating iconic looks through the decades, I think it’s really important to always be authentic and true to your own taste and style. That’s what will set you apart and make your look much more interesting and memorable!

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave any questions or comments here or on my Instagram account:) xoxo




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