How to rock the Grunge Princess look this fall and make it your own.








Just be you.

One of the things I love most about grunge is that there are no rules. And if there was one it would probably be  to just be yourself, and skip the shower:)

But I think we can all agree that in every style genre, grunge included, there are going to be certain do’s and don’ts to achieving the authenticity of that look.

So how do you rock the grunge princess look and make it your own?

When I think princess (with fashion in mind), I think soft colors, delicate fabrics, and flowing hem lines. When I think grunge on the other hand, I think harder lines, durable fabrics, over sized clothes and other things I love that helped define a generation of fashion misfits!

When Combining these two worlds together, with items you love, you can really rock this look and make it your own.

Choosing the dress.

Choose a dress that you feel beautiful in. One that exudes femininity without being over the top. For me this means lace! I just love the way it feels and makes me feel when I’m wearing it.

But this could work with a variety of fabrics like chiffon or silk, even velvet! Whether it’s a tiny waist, great abs, a full bust or beautiful legs, go with a cut and silhouette that you feel confident in, and emphasizes your best features.

If your a short girl like me, then you know that finding that “perfect fit” can be a total pain. My advice is don’t let a dress that you love get away just because it’s size or two too big! It can always be altered. I think all fashionistas should be armed with the knowledge of sewing and alteration basics.

I know it can seem kinda intimidating at first but trust me you can do it! And just think of all the money you’ll save making your own alterations! Click  here  for  some great tips and info to help you get started:)

Combing the two.

Now that you’ve got your ultra feminine dress that’s perfect for your day or night out, it’s time to pair it up with more edgy, darker and durable items from your wardrobe that you love.

Just make sure those items are iconic to the grunge era. I went with my over sized leather jacket but an over sized denim jacket would’ve been really cool too!

I cut out my Social distortion back patch from an old t-shirt and just hand stitched it into place. They’re one of my all time favorite rock bands, and I love this albums cover art too! Patches are a great way of making your look authentically you.

Now for the hair.

Whats grunge without a full head of untamed locks right? In my opinion, long bed head hair makes this look sexy and effortless. But my long hair is long gone sadly😩. So I snapped in my trusty hair extensions from Bellami in jet black. There so silky soft, thick, and great quality!



I hope you guys enjoyed this ootd! I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Till next time 😘 xoxo



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