Kawaii kid

The term Kawaii means cute in Japanese, and that it is! In fact Kawaii is the culture of cute. It became an instant hit in Japan and Europe, and though we as a nation have loved and embraced hello kitty since it’s start in 1974, Kawaii fashion as a style genre of it’s own is now making it’s mark all across the U.S.

I scored this awesome hello kitty bike from a thrift store just one day before this shoot. Authentic retro straight from the 80’s!

This global craze for cute all started in the early 1970’s in Japan. School girls (and maybe boys) would write words and notes in bubble letters and other cute styles of hand writing. It came to be known as “marui ji” (round writing) and was soon banned from many schools!



But it wasn’t long until magazine editors and other media outlets began to pick up on this growing trend. Since then this cute craze has past the test of time and evolved into a style niche of it’s own that has been loved globally by women and girls of all ages!





I love how it embraces the essences of youth, happiness, and innocence in all the cutest ways possible. I for one am hooked! So much in fact that I went and started my very own Kawaii style jewelry shop called The Last Lolly. The necklace I’m wearing here is from my shop!


I thought it was the perfect accessory for this adorable white dress from A&F. Are you a Kawaii kid too? Do tell!

Till next time:)

-Jamie xoxo


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