Broke, short, and chic in 2016! A look back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello hello! How are you guys? Any big plans for 2017, or new years resolutions? I’d love to hear them! One of mine is to start a workout routine that I can enjoy and really stick to. Does that even exist? LOL!

So anyway I wanted to do a little look back on my fav fashion moments from 2016. This one above is from my instagram account. Find me there @j.graystyle and feel free to drop me a line (:


So getting back to the heart of this post, how does a broke chick like me manage to do a style blog? Very cheaply. I mean creatively, and sustainably. Of coarse.

Almost everything you see me wearing here has been bought second hand, hand made, gifted to me, borrowed from my kid’s closet, or stolen. Haha! just kidding about that last one.


But yes being a short girl does have its advantage and sharing clothes with my kids is one of them! Oh and shopping the mysteriously cheaper kid section every chance I get.





If you could sum up 2016 in one word what would it be?





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