The true meaning behind the candy coated Holiday we know as Valentines.

Hi everyone! Weeks ago I had planned on doing a really fun post featuring my kids and I baking something delicious and doing some cool DIY projects special for Valentines day. But as you may have guessed from the  title of this post, that my plans have changed.

Being a homeschooling mom, I wanted to make our day fun and educational. So I went online, did my research, and was nothing short of mortified of what I learned after watching this short and telling video of what Valentines day is really about!

My first reaction!

After watching this video I was seriously upset, almost to the point of tears. And not just because my favorite holiday was ruined, but because I (along with the vast majority of the world) had been  lied to from childhood about the true meaning of this so called family  friendly holiday. And that makes me angry to say the least. To make things worse, I had for years ignorantly passed this tradition down to my children as something fun and wholesome! Pretty embarrassing.

As a christian (which means follower of Christ), I try my best everyday to live a life worthy of his calling. After all he GAVE HIS LIFE for me, granting me the gift of eternal life by his grace alone. So I feel that living my life to please him is the lest I can do.

Words are cheap.

But words are cheap. I don’t just want to do him lip service. I want to exult and praise him in my actions as well as my words in all I do. Even when it hurts. And scrapping Valentines day completely, for me, did hurt. It was my favorite holiday!

I’m not judging anyone who celebrates Valentines (or any other pagan holidays like  Christmas, Easter, New years), or anyone who will continue to do so after reading this post and learning of it’s true meaning. That’s not my intention nor is it my place.

I feel my heart however that it is my place as a Christian and an advocate for children, to expose these hidden truths that all people (especially parents) have the right to know. We can’t count on the manipulative mainstream media, or the corrupt public school system to shine light on important issues like these. We have to take action and do it for ourselves.

What really matters.

I know first hand it isn’t easy giving something up that you have an emotional attachment to. And rightfully so, since we’ve been blindly indoctrinated with these pagan holidays since birth. But when you think about it, it’s not so much the holiday that we love and look forward to so much as it is the people we spend them with and the memories we make with them.

It’s the people, our family and friends, and God who has put them in our lives, who we should hold a special place for in our hearts. Not these set days on a worldly pagan calender.

Something to believe in.

I personally believe in standing up for what you believe in at all cost. But before you are able to make that personal choice you have to know what the things your participating in actually represent. Only after that point can you put your moral compass to proper use in deciding if what your involved in is right or wrong. Which is why it is so important to not just take anyone’s word for it, but to research these things for yourself.

What are we really teaching our kids when we do celebrate these holidays and just ignore their pagan roots? Or when celebrate holidays not knowing what their true meanings are? Are we saying :

It doesn’t matter?

Who cares?

Since everyone is doing it we should too?

It’s just tradition?

As long as we don’t acknowledge their pagan meanings and founders God really doesn’t care?

Colossians 2:8 – Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

I think these are all important questions that we have to take the time to ask ourselves, and teach our kids to ask themselves too, especially as Christians. Because the day will come when EVERY individual will be held accountable for their actions.

Again I am not passing judgment on anyone. I only want to inform and share my point of view. And I’d love to hear yours!

Thank you for reading. Please feel free share this post.

God bless.


Do you think holiday origins really matter? Why or why not?