5 simple steps to turn any small space into a cute and cozy retreat!


Whether you’re  full time mom, busy student, career woman or happy homemaker, you deserve your own creative space! I know, easier said then done right? Especially when you have a big family in a not so big space. Story of my life LOL:)

As a busy  wife and homeschooling mom of 3, a retreat of my own where I can just relax with my thoughts and hot cup of tea, has become a necessity. Not only does it help me to recharge for what’s to come in my busy day, but it also helps me get into a more creative mind set for my work when I’m in the space I that I created with the little things that make me happy!

So without further ado here are my 5 simple steps to creating your very own cozy retreat:)

1. Choose your setting.

The good news is that you don’t need a spare room to create your cozy corner, though that would great too! But if space is limited all you have to do is think outside the box. I used the bed of my old dodge truck (with a camper shell) to create my getaway and had fun doing it!

I actually prefer it to a room because I can drive away with it:) Just make sure that you have the space for seating. A chair, couch, bean bag, pillows ect. Just be creative! And don’t worry about looks now, we’ll tackle that later.


2. Carpet.

If you want that home away from home feeling you’ll need a soft place to rest your feet. I used some left over carpet from my living room, as you can clearly see it’s nothing fancy, especially with a hole in the middle of it LOL:) But the whole fun of this project (for me anyways) lies in using what you have and making the most of it!

image.jpeg3. Incorporating your favorite things!

So you’ve got the basics laid out, now for the aesthetics. Yay may favorite part! Weather it’s a painting, dolly, or stuffed animal, I think it’s important to choose things that are meaningful to you personally and just make you happy, it will make all the difference. I covered my drab (but comfy) bench seat with one of my favorite blankets. Thrift store find of course:) Then I threw in a few of my cutest pillows, my best dolly,  a curtain and a smaller decorative rug for more color, warmth and depth.

Why dose Timmy look so guilty about that hole? LOL:)


Any drink is more fun with Holly Hobby!
Looks like someone’s  cozy already:)

4. Choosing the right size table or desk.

If you don’t have a table that will fit properly in your space try a milk crate with a board on top, then cover it with some cute fabric. Really the possibilities are endless. I borrowed my daughter’s retro Barbie table that’s just too cute for words!


5. Lighting.

OMG, I can’t possibly stress how much of difference these strings lights have made in just about every room of my house! There called fairy lights. And there stringed on a brass coil wire so they stay in kind of curly shape if you want them to. Really pretty.




Like mother like daughter! My baby Gwen loves this cozy little nook. She brought in all of her favorite books. She’s quite the little adventurer! You can find her blog on an unplugged childhood here .

So those are my 5 simple steps! I really hope you enjoyed this idea and give it a try. If you have any tips or other helpful suggestions please feel free to share:)

Till next time,