Only God before you.



If you called me yours and I was your own,

My heart and my life, would belong to you alone.

To put in your pocket, or wear on a chain,

And for you I’d keep falling, like endless rain.


My laugh and my smile, belonging only to you,

And when times get rough, they’d see you through.

I’d treasure and adore you, living all my life,

Putting only God before you, with me as your wife.


As I hand you my dreams and heart on a platter,

I find you with her, and you ask, “What’s the matter?”

My existence, love and life, come crumbling straight down.

I’ve spiraled into a place were only darkness is found.

I’ve fallen. Still falling.. like endless rain,

While my heart sets adrift, on this endless solemn pain.


This poem was written about the loss and the rejection of my first love when I was a freshman in high school. It was a totall tragedy that hit me like a train wreck, and left me completely heartbroken.

What helped me get through it was the realization that we weren’t ment to be. What’s meant to be will be. And thankfully, that’s in Gods hands, not mine.

If you recently had your heart broken, or suffered rejection or loss, just remember a single drop of all the blood Jesus gave for you, is more powerful then all the heartbreak and rejection in the whole world.

Life will go on, and you will love again. And though it may never be the same, in most ways it’ll be better.

-Jamie 💋